I provide psychotherapy services to women who are wanting to find balance, reconnect with intimacy, live out their purpose and passion, and know the value of their voice. Women can learn to embrace the many seasons of life. Depression and anxiety have become the common cold of the mental disorders, learn to identify the signs and symptoms and what to do with them.

I have years of experience working with women and women's issues. I also have additional certifications in the area of Perinatal Mood Disorders- working with women suffering from depression and anxiety during pregnancy and post pregnancy.


Couples / Marriage

Relationships are a lot of work.  It's not easy for two people with two different experiences, needs, and dreams to work together to create the best life for the couple and the family.  Whether help is needed during courtship, cohabitation, engagement, transition to parenthood, the parenting of children, the launching of children from the home, or redefining relationships, many difficulties can be overcome with a little help.  I work with a variety of couples ranging in age, sexual orientation, race, ability, religion, acculturation, and socioeconomic status.


Online Telehealth/Telemedicine Video Conferencing (Texas Residence Only)

What is Telehealth/Telemedicine Therapy Video Conferencing?

Face-to-face professional therapy/counseling can reach you anywhere you chose!  When you video conference therapy sessions with me, Nettie Jones, MS, LPC you receive professional guidance that will empower, encourage and inspire you to find the answers you are looking for and to help you become the best YOU ever!  

No longer do you need to use your valuable time traveling to the office for your therapy session!

How does this work?

Video therapy conference sessions occur over at an agreed upon time between the two of us.  Once payment for our session has been received and/or arranged, you will receive an email from me with in 24hrs..  This email requests you to complete and submit a questionnaire relevant to you and to your reasons for seeking online therapy in addition to other forms.  Once this information is completed and returned to me, I will contact you to set up our first video therapy session.  Please allow at least 45-50mins. for our scheduled therapy session.  Future sessions may be scheduled at the end of our session or via email.  

Failure to keep your video therapy conference session without at least a 24hrs. notice will result in full payment of said service.  Cancellations and requests to reschedule should be sent to me through the MedTunnel.  

*All email communication is recommended to go through MedTunnel.  MeTunnel is a free Email service that ensures HIPAA compliance and confidentiality of all information transferred between parties electronically.